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Canon Music offers a variety of music programs that enhance a student's musical learning and cognitive abilities. We understand that music allow children to develop in several areas. Our early childhood music and private lessons focus on:

• Developing the ability to express feelings and ideas

• Learning more about self and society

• Mastering a chosen instrument

• Cognitive development through musical and artistic expression

The programs offered through AMS include a discovery of all aspects of music, including an understanding of how music affects us. Children learn through listening and discussing, as well as through playing various instruments. There are several performances that are presented by students throughout the year, within several locations in the school where their productions take place. The music facilities developed at AMS have an open and natural environment that is brightened with natural sunlight. This has been developed to offer a creative and natural setting that provides an inspirational space for children.

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Early Years

Our early childhood music program allows children between the ages of 2-5 musical learning through interactive activities. Children explore a world of instrumental, vocal and movement based musical expression. The early childhood music program is administered in a group environment with groups separated by age and level of musical understanding.This program is taught by a MusikGarten certified instructor with specific experience in early childhood music. 

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Private Lessons

Private lessons are available to children ages 6-15 years of age. Private lessons are one-on-one and progress at a developmentally appropriate rate. Students in this age group are encouraged to seek out a thorough understanding of their chosen instrument. Teachers focus on individual students and help alleviate all roadblocks in their musical development allowing students to ask questions more readily and receive direct feedback as they progress on their musical journey. 

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Our music programs are designed to facilitate students in their exploration of music and the instruments that interests them most. We pride ourselves on using quality-manufactured instruments for our band, such as Yamaha products and new sound equipment that is used to enhance children's voices and instrumental sounds. Our musical instruments include a range of brass, woodwind, and percussion instruments. We also encourage students to learn responsibility by teaching them about their instruments and how to care for them.

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